Sen. Orrin Hatch says he and Elena Kagan had a “colloquy.” Is that good?

When a nominee for the United States Supreme Court faces confirmation hearings, two things tend to happen. Every single word uttered by the nominee or the Judical Commitee faces intensive scrutiny. Fortunately for the public, senators and nominees tend to use unusual language, making the procedure a tad more interesting,

Sen. Orrin Hatch is famous for his standing on the Judicial Committee, for his conservative views, and for his colorful, courteous speaking style. Today he and Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan engaged in a lively discussion about campaign finance laws. In the midst of the exchange, Hatch said “I’m enjoying our colloquy together.” Kagan’s reply? “Me too.”

A colloquy is generally “a conversational exchange; dialogue.” In legal jargon, it can refer to “a discussion during a hearing between the judge and the defendant usually to ascertain the defendant’s understanding of his or her rights and of the court proceedings.” If the term sounds familiar, it may be due to its kinship with colloqium, “a conference of scholars on a specific topic,” and colloquial, “informal, or ordinary speech.”

Note the difference between colloquium and colloquial; one describes specialized language, the other everyday communication. Both possibilities exist in the definition of colloquy, ordinary conversation as well as the specialized nature of a legal exchange. In the case of Hatch’s remark, both senses, though potentially contradictory, are appropriate. Their exchange was a legal dialogue with formal roles, yet also possessed  the loose structure of conversation.

The roots of colloquy are the Latin co- “together” and -loqui, “to speak.”. One of the few other English words ending in -quy is soliloquy, “talking to oneself, or talking without regard to the presence of others.”

Let’s hope for more colloquies, and fewer soliloquies, from senators as well as the nominee.

Hispanic Business Community Honored At Art Institute Reception

Atlanta Inquirer November 22, 2003

Atlanta Inquirer 11-22-2003 Art Institute of Atlanta President Janet S. Day hosted a special reception honoring members of the Hispanic business community on Thursday, November 6 in the Art Institute Gallery. President Day is inviting the Hispanic community to learn more about the creative opportunities available at the college through tours and a reception in the Gallery featuring culinary delights created by talented students of the college’s culinary arts program.

The Art Institute of Atlanta, a college of creative professional studies, has educated thousands of students in design, media arts, and culinary arts and the graduates are reaping the benefits. Of all 2002 Art Institute of Atlanta graduates available for employment, 89.8 percent were working in a field related to their program of study within six months of graduation earning an average starting salary of $29,013. In the past. Art Institute graduates have been employed by companies such as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Russell Corporation, Disney, The Weather Channel, StudioCom, InZone, Buckhead Life Group, IBM Interactive, Parallax Design Studios, Time Warner, Marriott International, RitzCarlton Hotels, The Coca-Cola Company, CNN, Fox Entertainment Group, Niles Bolton & Associates, Sodexho, and Spectra Graphix. The Art Institute focuses on an educational program that includes art foundation and general education courses, as well as technical courses in the student, area of study. Program offerings are designed to stay current with the needs of a rapidly changing business environment and are reviewed frequently by curriculum advisory committees from the professional community. website art institute of atlanta

Founded in 1949, The Art Institute of Atlanta (www.aia.artinstitutes.edu) is a diverse, dynamic institution of higher education whose mission is to educate students for creative careers. The Art Institute offers degrees in culinary arts, culinary arts management, digital media production, graphic design, interior design, media arts & animation, multimedia & Web design, photographic imaging, and video production. As of fall 2003, approximately 2700 students attend The Art Institute of Atlanta, of whom nearly 75 percent are from Georgia, with the remaining students representing 39 states and 45 foreign countries. go to site art institute of atlanta


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