Congrats to the Super Short Story Winners


We challenged our followers on Twitter to submit a Super Short Story using our Word of the Day and less than 140 characters. Of the hundreds of submissions, we chose these that stood out to us:

April 2014:

2nd place: Grammar YUNiversity (@The_YUNiversity) “Forgive  this moral obliquity,” Luka prayed, crossing himself. He then pilfered a loaf of bread for his hungry children.

And our 1st place winner and recipient of an iPod is:

Paris Riley (@ParisRiley) Adding the eye of newt the witch paused & wondered if she’d not been filled with obliquity if she could’ve been a princess.

March 2014:

3rd place: John (@jjccjjv) Greeted with approbation, he returned a war hero. At dinner, he discarded his peas: “I’m really a fussbudget” he mused #supershortstory

2nd place: Sidney Namey (@Sidneykn9) Joe whined about uneven tiles. “Were you born a fussbudget?” “Well I never had my bottles below 89 F” Joe tripped on a tile. #supershortstory

And our 1st place winner and recipient of an iPod is:

Ashley Chunell (@AshleyChunell) Noah kissed Ronan. “Too hard.” Ronan said. Noah pecked. “Too soft” Ronan said. “Fussbudget” Noah kissed again. “Just right.” #supershortstory

February 2014:

3rd place: Cheese Hermit (@Cheesey_pleasey) #SuperShortStory Bedclothes in disarray. Fear vivid. Sciamachy in sleeplessness, she shivers. My sleep wrecked again. The moon brilliant.

2nd place: DrezyDreDre (@DrezyDreDre) He hated crowds, but he loved pudding. He was torn. No truer sciamachy had he known, than that of the cross cafeteria trek. #SuperShortStory

And our 1st place winner and recipient of an iPod is:

Kira (@JeSuisPrest1743) #supershortstory He never expected that, having lost his arm, he would have a daily sciamachy with whoever was touching his phantom limb.

Our next Super Short Story contest will take place on March 24. To submit your Super Short Story, feature our selected Word of the Day in a tweet with #supershortstory. (Here are the official terms and conditions.)

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